Search Engine Marketing (E-Marketing)

Search Engine Marketing

Traffic generation to your website online is rationally proportional to income generated through online business. Competition among the online business is intense for any category of the product and being on the top of the search engine page rank is a challenge for any business owner. Search engine marketing helps you achieve it right efforts. It is needed for every business owner to understand the thin line of difference between SEO and SEM. Our experts invest the efforts in search engine marketing to increase visibility and page ranks of the website. We manage all facets of search engine marketing to exceed your expectations. Kurakulas Search engine marketing is a package of services which keyword analysis, copy creation, PPC to increase ROI, land page development, competitor analysis and much more.

Our experts are focused on deploying customized combination of a portfolio for each client with the help of rules-based optimization techniques. We provide a comprehensive set of reports offering great transparency about your progress in the search engine rankings.

How we help you with SEM?

  • Rewriting the content

    Our dedicated team of experts are good at writing both informative and search engine friendly content which plays a crucial role in search engine rankings.

  • Keyword analysis

    Our keyword research ensures best ranking in top search engines. Our expert team filters the keywords based on category, location, competition and traffic. Keywords are targeted to generate more traffic with less investment. Targeting low and medium competition keywords generates good traffic and pays you more.

  • PPC

    PPC campaigns conducted by the dedicated team will give prior accesses to target user on the major search engines. Experts filter right keywords and target them to fetch more will less investment.