Social Media Optimization (Email-Marketing)

Social Media Optimisation

Build a Community of Potential Customers on Social Media Sites

Social media optimisation services of Kurakulas Global IT Solutions will grant your website a wider reach. It is a new gateway to finding target audience with great ease. The benefits of SMO services are no less than SEO services. A combined effort will give you high search engine rankings. Our social media services take benefit of unlimited hours spent by potential customers on the social networking sites to promote your brand and introduce your business to potential customers. SMO services of Kurakulas Global IT Solutions leaves no stone unturned in utilising the power of social media to benefit you. Unique SMO strategies are implemented by our dedicated team to promote effective customer engagement.

A magnetic pull towards your website is created on the social media through our age specific, demography specific and theme based events. Our quantifiable metrics will increase your revenues from the campaign created.

Our SMO Strategy To Help Your Business

  • Bring social media initiatives and promotions to drive traffic to your business
  • Bring in advanced action plan of social media strategy to identify best features of your business
  • Promotion is carried in a benefiting manner while we stick to customised approach to reach good number of prospective customers.

Our Span of SMO Services

  • Competitive analysis
  • Developing a social media platform for your brand
  • Targeted campaigns to expand customer network on social media
  • Right post at the right time in the right format
  • Constant content development and posting over social media
  • Building your customer community
  • Continuous social media monitoring
  • Periodic reporting